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Tropicalia (2012)

Here's the interview that took me to the movie!

Origin: Brazil

Director: Marcelo Machado

Writers: Marcelo Machado, Di Moretti

In: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee, Tom Ze, Helio Oiticica, etc..

13.40. Watch the programming of the Festival of Nyon on the Internet. I watch an interview with a Brazilian director - Marcelo Machado - about his documentary on the Tropicalismo. Ummmm, looks pretty interesting! Too bad it starts at 14h. Did you time? Home quickly do the math: 10 minutes from here to there, about 5 minutes to park, plus another 5 for the ticket and find a place ... Well tight, but within "normal temperature and pressure," I think it can. I grab the bag, which is right beside me, I walk down the stairs, lock the house, get into the car and flight, leaving the computer open the page of the Festival.

I come to Nyon quickly without traffic. After giving a couple of rounds in the parking lot, find a job eventually, run across the street - in the range, of course, after all, I'm in Switzerland - I enter the building, I find the ticket window to buy a ticket, ask the cashier to esbaforidametne is still time. She replies, "Oui, madame," the movie had not even begun. Phew! I try to calm my breathing, I pick up my ticket, way hurriedly toward the room, ignoring popcorn, candy or soda. I take a seat on second row and, even before I get rid of the jacket, the lights go out. It seems that the movie waiting for me!

Even with the heart beating fast in my chest, I see the black screen to win the green and yellow. Ancine, Petrobras, Bossa Nova Films, etc.. All names so familiar yet so distant. I carry me to Brazil. I'm here and I'm there. I'm there and I'm here. Brazil is open in front of me, invades me, infects me. The show will begin!

More than a documentary, Tropicalia is a sensory experience, a real time travel conducted and packaged by the voices of Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Rita Lee, Gal Costa, Nara Leão, Tom Zé, and many others. A film that goes beyond the limits of the documentary to reach the level of quasi-poetry, playing deep in our souls.

Written with a dynamic language clip, blending artwork to image files, film clips (like those of Glauber Rocha, for example) and interviews that explore the field and the counter-field, Tropicalia is the result of a research rich. Some images that make up the film are new even to the artists who were part of the very Tropicalismo, says one of its producers, Paula Concenza.

Marcelo Machado's film is, more than anything, a reunion.

For Brazilians "old guard", a nostalgic reunion with a moment so strong and important part of Brazilian music and politics - politics is the backdrop for the main protagonist "music."

For me - and many others who are far away - Tropicalia is a reunion with my country, my culture, my people.

For younger people, perhaps the most certain to be talking about a first meeting, a presentation of the learning done by means of enchantment!

Then leave me to the music loud and abundant in the movie. Redescubro Os Mutantes, Rita Lee with one so young, with his long hair and his style so unique. I am delighted with great boldness and talent of the band! And I'm so charming and thrilling me with each new song, with each new interview, until you can no longer hold back the tears that start to slide uncontrollably down my face, the painful pace of Asa Branca, voice and guitar of an exile Caetano Veloso. Absolutely sublime!

The film then ends and the audience applauds. My eyes still teary smile shyly, as if they were responsible for the beauty of that work. Almost I rise to thank! Then I will damn a shout: This one is my country! It is my song! It's my land! It is my people! But the lights come on and make me put your foot back into reality, then keeping within my breast I bear all the pride of being born in a country with so many colors and sounds! Tropicalism Viva! Marcelo Machado Live! Live Brazilian talent!

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  1. Live YOUR talent! Even without watching the film, read the review, renew pride of this country who have felizemente a caricature that allows the nerve. Country that is a synthesis composition eternal, that does not stop and is not afraid to be influenced by outside while keeping the essence of tropical, exotic, joyful, painful, but proud of a mixture that generates talents from all sides and corners of the planet. Tropicalism Viva!

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