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Movie Club

Original title: The Film Club

Author: David Gilmour

Translator: Luciano Wheat

Intrinsic Publisher, 2007

Synopsis: The story of a father - unemployed film critic - and a son - 15 years and "collector" of school failure - an unusual way of trying to give a direction to their lives. The chosen path: watch three movies a week.

Recreational reading, light, fast and interesting!

My last breath

Original title: Mon dernier Soupir

Author: Luis Bunuel

Translator: Andrew Telles

Cosac Naify, 2009 (Brazil)

Synopsis: The great Spanish surrealist filmmaker tells his life in a simple and poetic. Since his teenage years - the first time leaving the province of Aragon - until his old age, while the memory has not lacked.

Reading beautiful, full of reflections on life and its various stages so.

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