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Corsier sur Vevey

Visiting Charles Chaplin

For Chaplin crazy, like me, here's a tip for first!

Above Vevey, beyond charming city to the edge of Lake Geneva, is a village called Corsier sur Vevey. It was there that Chaplin lived for years in a beautiful mansion that is currently being transformed into a museum.

It is also there that he is buried beside his wife Oona Chaplin, the greatest simplicity.

Arriving there to pay a visit to the great genius, I was impressed to see that a man of the importance of Chaplin is buried in such a small cemetery in a place so escondidinho with such simplicity. But I guess it was just that he has been seeking here in Switzerland.

The village is a charming, overlooking the lake and the Alps. And below is Vevey, where there is also a statue in honor of the great Charlie Chaplin, and the lakeside, almost opposite the Museum Alimentarium. I recommend a visit!


Musée Suisse de l'appareil photographique

As photography is the basis of the film, this small museum in Vevey is a good choice for movie buffs on duty. There you will cover the history of photography, watching closely aparalhos some magnificent photo and can touch them and try some of the equipment prior to the photographic máquinha we know in our time (before digital). In addition, you can also read a little about the war between Niépce and Louis Daguerre Nicéphore about parenting photography.


Bourbaki Panorama

This is a walk through the tunnel of time, even before the film to be "born."

The round building, you are seeing is called PANORAMA. A kind of show that was very successful in the nineteenth century, before the film to its air of grace.

Escossês invented by Robert Barker in 1787, Panorama is a circular building with a tower in the center, where the viewer must go to watch a giant screen (hand painted), usually representing a landscape or a famous battle scene.

What is the relationship with the film? Well, before you get to this tower, the viewer has to go through dark corridors and stairways, making them forget for a moment the outside world. More or less the feeling we get when entering a movie theater ... Then when you get to the tower, there is a baulustrada that will prevent you from getting too close the screen, thus ensuring that it ends not seen. Finally, the natural light that enters at the top of the building is reflected on the screen, without the viewer see exactly where it is coming. The effect obtained is of first! As in the cinema.

It is as if the viewer were actually faced with an idealized landscape or in a famous battle.

Unfortunately there remain very few panoramas in the world. And this one is there, in Lucerne, a beautiful city in the German part of Switzerland. I recommend!


Tomb of Richard Burton

The celebrated actor Richard Burton (1925-1984) spent the last years of his life in Switzerland, a village near Geneva, called Céligny. And there is also, in this rural setting and simple, he is buried. Precisely the "Vieux Cimetière 'and beside a quiet creek that follows the same rhythm of life of the people of the village.

The house where the photo is the house where he lived. It is today a privately owned, unfortunately not open to visitors. The name on the wall, however, bears traces of the presence of Welsh actor around these parts: "Le Pays de Galles."

The cemetery, in turn, can be played.


Tomb of Audrey Hepburn

In 1963, the unforgettable, beautiful, always elegant Audrey Hepburn decided to settle in a small Swiss town - Tolo

chenaz - close to Lausanne, having bought a house there that would be home now your reference: "La Paisible."

For here too, in the town of Morges (next to Tolochenaz) in 1969, she married an Italian psychiatrist - Andrea Dotti - who would divorce ten years later. To then find one who would accompany him until his last day of his life (in 1993), Dutch actor Robert Wolders.

Tolochenaz was, therefore, that Audrey Hepburn chose to stay forever. In a small cemetery surrounded by greenery and peace.

Absolutely a must for fans of Audrey!


Schilthorn - Piz Gloria

The Swiss Alps have been scenes of many spy movies!

One was "James Bond 007 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)," with George Lazenby in the role of the planet's most charming detective. Some of his scenes were shot in a revolving restaurant that sits on the Schilthorn, the 2970 m altitude, with an absolutely magnificent view.

At the time this was filmed 007, the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant was the only one of the world. It was used as the backdrop for the film even before opening its doors to the public!

Today, there are sequences filmed designed right there on top of the Schilthorn, in a small theater designed especially for this.

Now the coolest thing of all is how to get there! The climb - super steep - is made by cable car in four steps: Stechelberg, Gimmelwald, Mürren, Birg. They are 2013m (ascent) to take the breath away! Whether for the beauty or sheer panic!

Absolutely sublime!

Just do not forget to bring sunglasses because the light up there is absurd!!


Tomb of Sir Peter Ustinov

In my walks through villages Swiss weekly, I discovered another great personality of world cinema who chose to live here last years of his life: Sir Peter Ustinov.

Great actor, writer, director and English writer, known for brilliant performances, such as Nero in Quo Vadis (1951), Lentulus Batiatus in Spartacus (1960), or the detective Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's famous character in Death on the Nile (1978). Outside, of course, his many plays and screenplays written over time.

Starting in 1969, while still acting and writing screenplays, Sir Peter Ustinov is dedicating most of his time to humanitarian causes, becoming then Ambassador for UNICEF.

In 1980, he moves to Bursins, a small town in the canton of Vaud, where he will reside until his death in 2004.

And is there in the little cemetery of this charming city, which Sir Peter Ustinov is buried.

I leave here the suggestion of the visit!

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