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Aleksandr Sokurov

Organizer: Alvaro Machado

Texts: Alvaro Machado, layment Garcia dos Santos and Leon Cakoff

Cosac Naify, 2002

Synopsis: Through three excellent texts, the Russian filmmaker Aleksandr Sokurov is presented in this book edited by Alvaro Machado. The texts speak a little bit of home Sokurov, but above all of his work. to layment Garcia dos Santos, for example, focuses on the film "Russian Ark", shot entirely in a long sequence-shot (96 minutes). A true masterpiece of modern cinema!

An interesting reading over there. A must for fans of Sokurov, and a great opportunity for those who have never heard of this brilliant director today!

Modern Brazilian Cinema


Collection Reading. Ed Continuum, 2006 [2001]

Book small and dense content. Divided into three parts, with essays on the hows and whys of modernism Brazilian film.

In English

Film Music - A very short Introduction

Kathryn Kalinak

Oxford University Press, 2010

Synopsis: This is a compact, lucid and very useful introduction to film music. It's Both written and accessible to students and general readers alike. "Recommended for anyone Interested in the function, history, theory, and practice of music in the movies." (Caryl Flinn)

To Infinity and Beyond! - The Story of Pixar Animation Studios

Karen Paik

Chronicle Books, 2007

Synospsis: A beautiful and amazing hard cover book, full of images (snapshots, drawings, storyboards ...) interviews with directors and producers, animators, voice talent, etc..

Just perfect For Those who love Pixar, like me!

En Français

Hayao Miyazaki - cartographie d'un univers

Raphael Colson et Gaël Regner

Les Moutons Electriques, 2010

La Musique de Film

50 Questions

Pierre Berthomieu

Klincksieck, 2004

Synopsis: "Cet ouvrage Voit is croiser la génération des Compositeurs great hollywoodiens comme du passé Max Steiner, Victor Young and Bernard Hermann et ceux de l'époque plus recent (Alex North, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams), plus jusqu'aux contemporains comme Philip Glass, sans négliger plusieurs des écoles européennes large figures. "Pierre Berthomieu professeur est à l'Université Paris VII-Denis Diderot.

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