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The Supreme Happiness (2010)

Origin: Brazil the-supreme-bliss 1

Director: Arnaldo Jabor

Screenplay: Arnaldo Jabor

With: Marco Nanine, Elke Wonder, Dan Stulbach, Mariana Lima, Jayme Matarazzo, Maria Flor, Maria Luisa Mendonça

Do not be fooled by the title!

Like Fellini's La dolce vita is nothing sweet, The Supreme Happiness of Arnaldo Jabor also has nothing (or very little) of happy!

Instead, the movie is heavy laden with bitterness, nostalgia, presenting us with a tangible happiness yes, but very difficult to be felt by most of us mortals.

The story takes place in Rio de Janeiro, after World War II, and is centered on the life of Paulinho (Jayme Matarazzo), a middle-class boy, son of a father's pilot FAB (Dan Stulbach) and a housewife mother (Mariana Lima). Even if Jabor, himself the son of an Air Force father and a homemaker mother.

The film puts us directly in the River marches, the bohemian, the Carnival, the trickster, the prostitutes. But it all sounds kind of artificial, exaggerated, rehearsed, choreographed, as a show of Eldorado.

Jabor - who began his career in the bubble of Cinema Novo (60), and which was interrupted in Collor (90), dedicating himself to journalism since then, with his texts acids, critical super sharp, ironic, attacking everything and all - back to the big screen with a movie steeped in style "verbose".

Can you recognize Jabor in various speeches of the characters. And if we close our eyes, we can imagine ourselves in front of the CBN, the National Journal and the Fantastic.

A film and PRA PRA THINK IF distress.

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~ By Lilia Lustosa on March 26, 2013.

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