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The Descendants (2011)

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Original title: The Descendants

Origin: USA

Director: Alexander Payne

Screenplay: Alexander Payne

With: George Clooney, Shailen Woodley, Amara Miller

A different Clooney ...

Forget the heart-throb, the conqueror or successful man usually played by George Clooney. In "The Descendants", embodies the silver-haired handsome man of absolutely common, relapse and distant husband, absent father, and on top of a wardrobe at all attractive. A lawyer who, surprised by the accident suffered by his wife, plunges into a world of reflections, "mea culpa" and discoveries.

The story takes place in Hawaii today, and begins with a boating accident. Elisabeth (Patricia Hastie), married to Matt (George Clooney), a mother of two daughters - Alexandra (Shailen Woodley) and Scottie (Amara Miller) - and addicted to extreme sports, has an accident still in the prologue of the film and falls into a coma . The plot will then be developed around the fact that Matt to see from one day to another, responsible for managing the day-to-day of his two daughters, who had gradually distanced. Further, there are still, as rag-to-bottom, a matter of sale of land, received through an inheritance. A story, in fact, it seems, in principle, half lost in the plot of the film, but, slowly, it will make sense (not much) the whole of history.

From an aesthetic not very typical (commercial) American Alexander Payne's film focuses on the "close" the characters - ever since the very first scene - exploring the landscapes and transition plans, and - due to a slower pace of narration - eventually approaching the viewer of his characters. The colors are somewhat faded, as if washed by the rain falling at various points in the film, and that reveal the mood of the characters.

The movie received five Golden Globe nominations, including best picture and best leading actor. It's a film that touches, touching, though not necessarily charm. Just could not understand the reason for his friend Sid (Nick Krause) in the film. I look forward opinions.

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