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Les Infidèles (2012)

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Original Title: Les Infidèles

Origin: France

Director: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Michel Hazanavicius, Emmanuelle Bercot, Fred Cavayé, Alexandre Courtes, Eric Lartigau

Screenplay: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Nicolas Bedos, Philippe Caverivière, Stéphane Joly

With: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Alexandra Lamy, Sandrine Kiberlain

Funny, ridiculous, often sexist and annoying, Les Infidèles is a nonsense with a hint of seriousness!

After bursting into the Artist, Jean Dujardin is back to the big screen, this time in one, or better, in several versions and less glamorous! This is because in this movie, he embodies several characters that bring a trait in common - infidelity.

The formula used is not new, but it is nonetheless interesting. The film is composed of several sketches (short films) that tell stories of unfaithful husbands. Some are funnier, others more serious, some very real and plausible, other totally surreal, but who knows God is not possible ... Anyway, a potpourri of situations, often comic, in which the "fil rouge" as the French say, is infidelity.

Each sketch was directed by a different director, including the two lead actors, Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, who are also the writers of the film. Not to mention the oscarizado director of The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius, who was responsible for three sketches.

Infidèles Les is also an interesting cinematic experience, if we try to identify the differences in styles between the directors. But already advance that they are not very striking. Although this is a film composed of several films made by different people, there, deep down "a whole" that organizes the great movie script. The first and last sketches largely contribute to this feeling, as they bring the two main characters in their versions of "two friends united in their daily betrayals ..."

The film is relatively democratic ... There is something for everyone. Or almost all. There are times we feel very outraged women, if we take things too seriously. There are times when we feel pity and contempt for male childishness and animality. But there are also moments of seriousness - very few - in which we can reflect on what is the fidelity in a long and valuable. This is the case in which the sketch Dujardin opposite his wife in real life (Alexandra Lamy). Very good, by the way! It is almost an oasis in the film, where we stopped for a few minutes to laugh at pathetic situations that are presented to us to finally think about the importance or not of trust, loyalty and fidelity in a relationship. Coincidence or not, this is the only sketch directed by a woman - Emmanuelle Bercot.

Les infidèles is no masterpiece of cinema. But it is a film that might be fun to be seen - especially for men! (Sorry for the phrase macho there ...) And for us women too, if we go to the movies with the spirit and mind open, ready for self-criticism that we see are its directors.

A movie to be entertained and laugh!

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