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Albert Nobbs (2011)

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Original title: Albert Nobbs

Origin: Britain and Ireland

Director: Rodrigo Garcia

Writers: Glenn Close, John Banville, Gabriella Prekop, George Moore

With: Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson, Janet McTeer

Beautiful, sensitive, introspective, subtle, sad, slow!

Albert Nobbs The film is based on the novel "The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs", the Irish author George Moore, and tells a story of those who make us spend some time without knowing exactly what to think about life: it's unfair, just, happy , unhappy, empty, it is worthwhile or not?

A sensitive film, in which each small gesture can contain a multitude of discrete meanings ... Smiles, tears, braced, exchanging glances, feelings, sufferings and breasts covered with cloths and rags of dresses, suits and corsets.

The plot is set in Dublin - Ireland - 19th century and tells the story of a woman who passes for a man to achieve a better way to earn a living. It is Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close), a butler efficient hotel in the city, leading a life almost in silence, no emotions sweeping, or high adventure. A being who simply lives, as if lulled by the inertia of survival. One poor soul who was never presented to the love or happiness.

Glenn Close is very well in the role of the secretive Irish butler, despite the economy of gesture. The character certainly does not give room for large facial grimacing. Everything has to be micro, subtle, delicate. The look is extremely important. There is something Charles Chaplin in character, only without the funny side of Carlitos. Nobbs offers us his side much more sad, the one that breaks my heart, leaving us with a lump in my throat, and with a mad desire that things finally start to improve.

The work of Janet McTeer in the skin of the painter Hubert Page also deserves to be emphasized. Fantastic work, let alone own character, which is extremely catchy. No wonder that the two actresses received Oscar nomination for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, although they have not taken the trophy. But for us here, this year the race was very hard!!

Albert Nobbs is ultimately a sad film in a quiet, contained, disguised, yet profound. A history marked by loneliness, anguish, suffering hidden by layers and layers of lies, fantasies and disguises. And all in the name of survival and hope to have a better, more decent.

I left the theater feeling sad, anxious, full of questions about the lives of so many people around us. How many there who live this way? How many secrets, sorrows, pains and dreams are hiding under the "fantasy" of each one of us?

A film to think and to be worried.

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