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Adieu Berthe - L'Enterrement of Meme (2012)

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Original title: Adieu Berthe - L'Enterrement of Meme

Origin: France

Directed by Bruno Podalydès

Screenplay: Bruno and Denis Podalydès

With: Valérie Lemercier, Podalydès Denis, Isabelle Candelier, Podalydès Bruno, Pierre Arditi

A charming comedy, made with candor and poetry, able to lead us from laughter to tears by magic!

The last film by Bruno Podalydès tells the story of Armand (Podalydès Denis), a pharmacist aspiring magician, torn between love for his companion in life and profession - his wife Hélène (Isabelle Candelier) - and his passion for adventure partner , spells and rebellion - his lover Alix (Valérie Lemercier). Admittedly a man torn between two loves, two lives, two dreams, unable to make a decision by either party.

Amid this crisis of identity and desire, Armand received the news of the death of her grandmother Meme, for some time "forgotten" in a nursing home. And it is he who must deal with the bureaucracy burial, since his father is incapacitated due to illness that keeps you away from the real world, living in his own invented world.

It is thus given a match to a story that blends humor, angst, fantasy, reality, poetry, regrets, doubts and so many other feelings that accompany us throughout our lives.

Armand, who is not very good at making decisions, you see, then, faced with a number of issues as important as unpleasant to solve: What company will take care of the funeral of his grandmother? How to choose the coffin? Will it be cremated or inumada? What was his last wish?

But what could be tragic, depressing, heavy or sad thing is, instead, treated with extreme lightness, humor and pretty with a touch of delicacy and poetry.

Thus, little by little, with the help of hidden memories of her grandmother, Armand goes surfing between reality and fantasy, will open drawers and secret doors, discovering and revealing the secrets, dreams and passions stored in the bottom of the trunk of his soul.

In its decision by indecision, the character Armand is human, fragile, sincere, passionate and weak. You bastard, but a friend. Mind, omits, reveals surrender. In a game of hide and seek as naive as trickster. As childish as an adult.

Adieu Berthe is a film that makes us see life (and death) as a large number of magic, as capable of hiding and revealing parts of reality. A show full of mysteries and charms!

A film PRA PRA RIR and be enchanted!

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