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Operation Gift (2011)

Original title: Arthur's Christmas

Origin: USA / England

Directed by: Sarah Smith

Written by: Sarah Smith and Peter Baynham

With the voices of James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy

Cute, fun, but without charm!

"Christmas Movies" materials, in general, seduced by the magic, wonder and hope that seem to be reborn every year. Not to mention that we also end up playing the eternal will (children) to believe in the good old man.

"Operation Gift" is a little of this tradition. What could be quite interesting ...

The film not only a Santa Claus, but a whole family working on "enterprise" Christmas. Family members hold from generation to generation the "office" Santa Claus, being in the "profession" as a matter of tradition, heritage, or perhaps ambition. The only thing that seems to keep the passion, the dream and the Christmas spirit is Arthur, the youngest of Noel. Boy naive and clumsy, he can not do anything right, but that will be most interested in leaving no child without a gift this December 25.

The idea can even be interesting - especially the 3D technology and aggregate all the effects obtained by digital technology. The air of modernity is undoubtedly present and fun. Christmas led by Noel has a new face, new sled, new fantasies ...

However, the film enchants, no thrills, does not make us dream, can not touch! Lack magic! A pity!

Anyway, "Operation Gift" is nonetheless a good hobby for children this holiday season!

~ By Lilia Lustosa on November 29, 2011.

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